I will write anything… or get eaten by bears trying.

Seriously, though, as a professional writer, I’ve written just about everything: humor, magazine/newspaper feature, PR/marketing, animation, web content, ad copy, speeches and presentation. I’ve also published fiction. My first book-length piece, Run For Your Life! Doomsday 2012!, came out from Workman in summer 2011.

Clients & publications you may have heard of:

  • Huffington Post
  • Comedy Central
  • Chicago Tribune
  • WGN America
  • Clear Channel
  • Alaska State Museum, Library and Archives
  • Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute
  • Adventure Cyclist Magazine
  • Travel + Leisure

Originally from New York, I currently live in Juneau, Alaska with my wife and two children. In fact, we used to be able to see Sarah Palin from our house—I’m actually looking into her old bedroom right now.

This site contains all sorts of work samples—click the icons at the top of the page.